EXCEL for a Cause!

Having the privilege to run a youth sports organization has always been a lifelong dream of mine. And, when I least expected it to happen, it became a reality. That privilege turned to a passion of now being able to have a platform to work with. If we try to “make a difference” it’s because it’s a core belief of mine.

So, to Excel is to strive to make a difference, to EXCEL FOR A CAUSE in any small way possible. It’s the core value of who we are as an organization. We are always open to ideas about how we can impact the community.


Special uniforms for the club reflect our Excel for a Cause messaging, with each one representing a special word or inspiration word. These uniforms make our student athletes aware of how others are suffering and to play with that mentality each and every time they hit the hard court, thinking of someone suffering from a disease or illness. As an example, the uniforms were recently worn at the Spiece Center in Fort Wayne, where there was a large gathering of teams and families to spread awareness and represent the true spirit of work ethic.


Viewing women’s college basketball games, it’s impressive to see the massive outreach that universities and communities have been doing to support cancer, specifically breast cancer. Many have been impacted personally. So, we wanted to make difference. Through working with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Mid-Michigan, I announced the formation of a campaign, named EXCEL THINK PINK CAMPAIGN.
Our involvement helps educate girls on the importance of involvement and showing support for a cause by wearing the pink uniforms and wearing them with pride on specific identified Sundays. We are a portal for contributions her at the link below. Feel free to join our commitment to the Komen cause.

To make a donation online, visit our fund center.


Our boys teams have honored the many individuals who have served or recently served in the military. To honor them, they have worn camo shooting shirts to show support for our troups, who represent and protect our freedoms every day. We thank everyone in the armed services that helps protect our Freedoms especially through difficult times. We encourage our Excel family to share their family member military stories or share their loved ones so we can honor them and say thank you.

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