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UncategorizedThe 10 Year Anniversary Skills Challenge

April 2, 2020

Hi Excel family!  How to cope? How to profit with learning during idle times? And…how to take care of ourselves during stressful days! While we’re in our COVID19 headache, I have begun our excel challenge to get all of you, including players, family members, friends as well as our proud alumni to get out and stay active and work on your individual basketball skills over this difficult period of social distancing. Ok, so perhaps basketball is not exactly the first thing you thought of but how about thinking about the ancillary benefit of just getting fresh air. We all need it.

The goal is to have fun, get outside as the weather is breaking, and work on something to get more proficient with our skills and think more optimistically about our future.  We can be as ambitious as we want but having goals in mind and sticking to them on a consistent basis is the key to success and life.  I have started my side shot, and can see that in a short amount of time consistency really works!  Don’t know if I am ready to make any team but hey, at least I am trying!  I challenge all of you to work on something and excel to the next level!  Stay safe everyone.

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